Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Fair. then.... Jackalope

As always, while antiquing for things I kind of need for decorating the house (like floor lamps), I found awesome things I don't need but just had to have :)

Our day actually started the at the Sussex County Fair which I go to every year. It is a great fair with all your typical yummy and bad for you fair food,

 rides,vendors, tons of 4-H animal awesomeness.....

even chainsaw sculptors and acrobats!

One of my favorite things is homemade ice cream made by a mini steam engine :)

Of course on our way home I had to swing in to a couple of my favorite shops. Made a couple small purchases and moved on to one of my favorite shops..... and there he was.... the majestic jackalope.....

Pictured here on my book cases.

I have no taxidermy because I am soooooo picky about the faces. But this guy..... so perfect. Perfect little face, nice antlers. Plus the Mister has wanted one for. like. ever.

Next stop produced this gem! A Burwood wall plaque. I am not familiar with it but I was smitten right away.

The only problem is that is broken on top so I must figure out the proper way to repair it. Something tell me it will be worth it :)

happy hunting,

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