Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dogs Driving!!

Just a quick one today.

Apparently I'm keeping with the animal theme from yesterday. Today I saw the most amazing thing from the New Zealand SPCA.

The Driving Dogs!

 courtesy of You Tube - The Driving Dogs

How completely awesome is that!!! Plus, he's the cutest dog ever. Just when I think I've seen every amazing thing dogs can do, I see a new amazing thing :)

So, if your looking for a new furry best friend, head over to your local SPCA or no kill shelter and adopt. Let's give all the those furry wonders forever homes!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meet the cutie - pies

 I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to my furry menagerie.....

Mr Otto man. Man about town, snuggler, lover of the ladies (even though he's neutered ;)

He does, however, have a serious Bromance with my husband's old man doggie, Kozmo. Unfortunately, Kozmo is not always feeling it :)

Then there is Tori, she likes some Kozmo time too....

She is my little old lady kitty. Happy to spend her days basking in the sun, inside and out.

My next kitty, Squirt, is elusive. Super camera shy.  I surprised my chubsy-ubsy one day while she was cleaning herself propped up in a chair ;)

This brings us to my Roxy Girl. She completes my dynamic dog duo....

I have never had a small dog before..... boy am I hooked :)  She's my number one snuggler, my doodle-bug, captain of yard patrol and my partner in crime :)

Life is just no fun without pets to share it with so go give your non human companions an extra hug from me today......


Friday, February 8, 2013

Old House

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to capture the experience of remodeling a house. (However slow the process may be ;)

This is my second house. We remodeled the first one over the course of 11 years and sold it tow years ago. I took pictures of the process, but nearly as many as I would have liked. I thought if I blogged about our projects it would help me to capture the whole process, with the added bonus of sharing the experience with others.

So...... meet my old house ;)

 Isn't she cute?

We did all the work ourselves except the retaining wall and patio. That includes the stone facing..... that took a while ;)

First up was the Living Room. Paint, crown molding, new french door for the entryway, more trim on the mantle and a built in window seat.

Next up was the downstairs powder room. New tile, wainscoting and a rebuilt salvaged vintage sink. Oh, I miss that sink. And the cute vintage hot air balloon wallpaper ;)

Then, the Dining Room. The built ins were there. We put in the salvaged corner cabinet, crown molding, chair rail, larger arch doorway to match the existing one and a sliding door to the patio.

Next up was The Mother of all Projects, The Big Cahuna,The Mac Daddy....... The Master Bath and Kitchen...... At The Same Time!!!! (I do not necessarily recommend this)

 So much work. But, oh, but the results were awesome.

This was a screened in porch we turned into a small den.

 How I miss my black and white floor..... let me count the ways.....

Tumbled marble floor. I highly recommend this. so soft underfoot.

All done by us. Yes, my husband IS awesome.

And Finally, the patio and gardens. Last for this post, but done very early on as the outdoors are always my priority.

As much as I miss the other house, mostly because it was finished. I am excited to do a house just for me. We always knew the first house was just a start and we would sell, so I made a lot of choices that I thought would be better for resale.

Happy remodeling!


Saturday, February 2, 2013


Next up after London was Paris!!

 Th Lobby of the Hotel we stayed at.

All my pictures are out the cab window...... no time to sight-see... just work ;)

So we did the same thing in Paris. We shopped the stores to see what is new in the marketplace. My favorite store being Bon Marche.

 It is in such a beautiful building. Just look at those stairs!

They even have a craft department! They have jewelry supplies, knitting supplies and sewing supplies.... how amazing is that?

They even have silly scupltures ;)

And great food. I definitely had my share of pastries while in Pars ;)

The last night when we were finished a got a little time to at least see the Eiffel Tower.....

The sun was setting so the timing couldn't have been more perfect ;)

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to get to go on this trip and I hope I get to go again some time.