Thursday, January 31, 2013

Germany and London

This year I got to go to the Heimtex Tradeshow  for work. I was also lucky enough to get to go to London and Paris to shop the new market trends.

My favorite part of Heimtex is their Trends section. This year's trends represent four personalities; The Eccentric, The Geologist, The Historian and The Inventor.

You're not supposed to take photos...... but I did manage to sneak a few ;)

I was so in love with this cart...... I added it to the fantasy barn find wish list.

After a few days of purchasing art at Heimtex we flew to London!!!

I had never been, so I was super excited.

I am going on record that High Tea is the absolute best!!

Oh, my.... just look at these tasty treats!

Who needs dinner.....

My whole trip was spent shopping the stores, seeing what is new and innovative in Europe.

I did get one day to myself. So me and my co-worker did a little sightseeing.

I was not expecting to get any time to get out and explore so I was really grateful for the little bit of time:)

The Queen's Palace.

The London Eye.
Statues in front of the fountain that is in front of the Palace.
One lonely little gaurd......

London Tower. I had no time to go in...... but I most definitely will next time ;)

London Bridge. My personal Fav.

Cutest little shopping alleyway ever....

The worst picture of the best store ever....

Liberty of London.
We got in just before they closed so I had to be super quick, but it was fun anyway!

And with that kiddies I bid you Adieu..... Next stop, Paris :)


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Super belated Christmas ;)

Well...... Better late than never I guess.....

So my excuses start with Sandy. We fared well. Only two large trees down and no flooding. But, our power was out for two weeks. Not a big deal but it puts a damper on blogging ;)

After finally getting all back together post hurricane, I blinked and it was Thanksgiving and the pre-Christmas mayhem. I took all my photos that I wanted to post of my decorations, but then I had to travel for work for 10 days.

So now I'm back and ready to go!

My super fabulous - super fake Christmas tree...... It usually has lots of funky ornaments in aqua, lime, hot pink and purple. Every other year I do a theme. It has always been black and white till now. I decided to do red and white, which I am most smitten with :)

For Christmas Eve we have between 20 or 30 people. So I set up big buffet table....

And extra tables for all my guests.... Kozmo is just checking to make sure the layout works ;)

And now for the sweets!!!

Every year Len makes his Great Aunt's Struffoli....

My cookies..... Italian Knot, Almond Macaroons and Gingerbread. Not pictured here would be these amazing Oreo White Chocolate Peppermint Truffles. OMG. Soooo good. I most definitely will make them again and will post.

And...... Drumroll Easter Lamb Cake turned Reindeer!!!!

Now for some decorations.......

My newly acquired putz houses and my growing collection of Dream Pets......

The mantle and my growing collection of antlers. Most of which I have found on my property.... it's a wonder they didn't get run over by the lawn mower ;)

That's all folks.......
I promise not to wait so long next year :)

Until next time,
♥ jenny