Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Couple Little Projects.....

I am wrapping up a re-vamp of our guest bathroom which I am hoping to post about very soon. So, until then I have a couple mini projects :)

The Mister made me this table while I was away for work a couple months ago.

We have had the wood forever. He brought it home from work ages ago. I knew we wold use it for something, I just was never inspired.

Then he found the legs in the dumpster and we both knew what we could use them for :)

It was a simple project, he just used a furniture oil. No stain or clear coat, I wanted to keep the wood natural. Then just attaching the legs. Easy cheezy :)

Next was finishing up a little organizational spot for the Mister to keep his boots and work clothes when he comes in. We had started this during the hurricane, but never finished.
The cabinet came out of the garbage. I might paint it, I might not. I will decide after I paint the basement walls. the trunk is the Mister's from when he was little. And now I just need a rug to finish it off :)

I got the wire bike baskets at an estate sale. I think they are perfect for wet gloves and such.

I mounted them on a piece of old barn wood we had laying around and added some random knobs and a hook we had laying around. I love when I can make a project out of things I already have!

I also found a spot for my vintage laundry rack that I got at Brimfield Antique Fair last year.
 Yay! it's the perfect spot for the Mister's clean flannels to dry ;)

Then there is a new project that wont get done till we redo the kitchen......

It belonged to my Great Aunt in-law. We cleaned it up (it was in an attic for 20+ years ) and put the legs back on.
It will need to be rebuilt to be safe and functional. That will b a job for my plumber friend we barter with. Thank god for bartering ;)

till next time.....

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