Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Post

I purchased my second home this past summer and I am in the midst of remodeling and decorating it. Unlike the first house that I knew I would be re-selling, this one is for the long haul so I plan to do it all my way....;)
So... I am always on the hunt for antique and vintage on the cheap cause I miss the days of finding treasures for a dollar. Since I am in Jersey it becomes harder and harder every year.

For your viewing pleasure, this weekends score for

m the antique stores.....

Some nice chalkware for a good price, and awesome ro
tating serving dish, a super cute necklace and a couple of totally awesome cockatoo wall plaques.
A nice little McCoy duck and a cute little deer planter I couldn't live without. A small skunk for my recent terrarium project and a couple little fuzzies for Easter.

Time to decorate!


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