Saturday, March 31, 2012

Terrarium Time...

I have totally gotten on the terrarium bandwagon.

I remember them from when I was growing up. My mom had this particular one that I was obsessed with. It was an egg shaped glass container with a lid and she had these teeny tiny animals in it... a deer and a duck.

I would stare into that thing forever looking at this little fantasy world though the all the tiny plants.....

These are my first efforts:
I took a hanging candle holder that I never really used and....

Presto! My own little mini garden.

This one is my fav. I have had this beeker for forever and I have been looking for something great to do with it.

I know you can barely see him but I found a little vintage ceramic skunk to put in my little fantasy world.

Now what else can I fill with dirt.....


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