Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awesome garbage

Oh, my man is awesome. He is a world class garbage picker that comes home with some really great stuff. Most importantly, lots of times he comes home with things I need.

One time he came home with an old type drawer he found on the side of the road when I was just telling him I thought It would be cool to get for for the top of the trunk we use as a coffe table...:) I love when the universe answers like that.

So his recent score was this awesome chair:

I am not really sure how old it is or if it is a good piece or not, but I love it. It needs some work as you can see. The back was cracked and repaired at some point (not very well I might add). I would like to fix it up so I will have to get to doing a little research (if I ever finish all my gardening projects). If anyone has any insights I'd love to hear from you!


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