Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big ol' Dogwood Transplant

When we bought our new house last year we knew that the big dogwood the previous owner planted right up against the house would have to go or get moved.

We missed the window of opportunity last year to move it, so it was top priority this year. Even though we are going to be putting a patio where we are taking the tree from, it would still need to be moved. Since it was planted so close to the house it is only half a tree and whenever we get a big snowstorm it's branches end up on the ground.

I knew it was a big tree, but somehow I totally underestimated how long it would take. I thought we would move this tree, the large bush next to it and possibly another bush that day..... it ended up taking 8 hours start to finish ;)

   I always have dreams of grandeur when doing home improvement projects.........
The Mister dug it up (6 hours work) A couple of our friends came by to help us move it across the property. (thank god) I had thought we could handle it ourselves but after it was dug up I realized I was very mistaken ;) We used a ramp to get it out of the hole and on a tarp and used the tarp to drag it across the yard.

 This felt so comical that I wished I had asked someone else over just to film it...... When we got to he hole the first guy went in and we all piled u p like a 3rd grade tug o' war ;)
 This is the hole where the tree once stood. Phase .5 of the patio project.

And here she stands now......
All that's left to do is keep watering and cross my fingers. Oh yeah, she needs a little pruning to encourage root growth.

I hope she does ok, it just kills me to cut anything down. I even saved the little azalea and wild rose that were growing in front of it :)

With a bit of time and energy you can move almost anything. Most design shows love to just cut down everything and start new, that's easy. It is harder to reuse what you have and make a bore beautiful and productive garden, but I think it is so much more creative and rewarding. I am always so proud of the plants and trees I have saved and given better homes. I get to watch them flourish instead of becoming compost :)

Happy gardening,

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