Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2014

 So, a post Christmas post :) I definitely had an off year this year..... I was just not really into it. Not Scrooge-y but just kind of 'whatever". No cards, only a few batches of cookies...... I did however, manage to make the vintage ornament wreath I've been wanting to make....

 I had 15+ boxes of ornaments that we inherited from the Mister's Great Aunt. At first I felt bed using them, but I have more than I could ever use on a tree and most are not in great shape from being kept in the basement for 30 or 40 years.

 I started by wrapping a foam wreath with vintage tinsel garland. Another thing I hesitated to do but I had yet to use it otherwise so...... why not?

I started gluing around the outer edge, then worked my way in. I had only a couple little do-dads to add.... a little deer and a couple snowmen. I'll have to collect some more to add next year ;)

 I decorated the house, did the presents..... even managed a great light show not far from my house.

Sometimes I do a red and white tree, sometimes a black and white tree. This year it was traditional. Well, traditional for me....... white tree and all the ornaments I have been gifted over the course of my life :)

 I even made the Jackelope festive:)

Here's hoping everyone had a very Happy Holiday!!!

There's always next year;)

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