Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Year in Review

I have never done a Year in Review. Ans even this time, I was like..... 'I haven't really done anything this year.' Then I started looking back. And guess what?? I did a lot of stuff!! :) Go figure..... I suppose that's why people do it huh? Well, duh ;) I guess the joke's on me.

So, with that I give you..... 2013......

Went to Europe for work for 10 days. I had never been. It was really exhausting but also amazing. I even get to go again this year ;)

Moved a bunch of trees and bushes....


We went to Brimfield Antique fair again this year. It was awesome as always..... what's not to love about antiques??

Stopped in Sturbridge Village while we were in Massachusetts for Brimfield.
Totally worth it.

Went to Rehoboth Beach for the Fourth of July to surprise my Dad for his Birthday. I haven't done a family vacation in forever so it was awesome.

August we went to Niagara Falls.... amazing!!

Spent a bunch of time poolside....

Built a patio and a couple walls.....

Went to Crystal Caves. It was super cool.... I thought I would be totally freaked out walking so far under ground but I held it together :)

Since we were out in PA, we decided to hit Cabellas. If you have never been, you should. 
It is a ridiculous store. Animal exhibits like The Museum of Natural History....... so weird.

Built a stand for the hammock and started a garden around it.

Went on lots of hikes....

Diesel Truck Nationals!!! One of my favorite fall activities....

Only managed one Fair..... but hey, I could've missed 'em all so better one than none :)

Motivated to enter my living room in the Apartment Therapy Contest.

Survived the Holidays..... with some help from the Rockettes......

All in all a pretty full year. Why do I always feel like I haven't done anything good or I haven't done enough??? I gotta stop being so hard on myself...... Hmmm. was that a New Year's resolution?? I guess we'll have to wait and see ;)

Happy New Year!!

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