Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another tree saved

So me and the Mr. like gardening. We also like to save and plants whenever we can. If it is not in the right spot, not doing well, I would rather move it and give it another chance.

This also applies to other people's yards :) If someone says 'oh, that needs to go' or we're just gonna cut that down', I am always excited to try and dig it up and save it.

That being said, My friend said she was cutting down a 'Bonsai" tree. So I think, cool. I have a lot of space at the new house... "I will save this poor tree from certain death".

Me and the Mr. show up Sunday morning prepared to dig up what I am thinking is a small bush/tree.

Not so.

It turns out to be a 20- 30 year old lace leaf Japanese Maple. It is beautiful. I am doubtful. I am not dressed appropriately due to my thinking it was small and the Mr. could handle it on his own. He is undeterred.

Two and a half hours later we have success and are on the road....

 I soon realize that driving down the road with a huge tree in your vehicle invites many stares...:)

More digging and worries that we have  shocked her a bit too much. It is hot, it is definitely after the best time of year to move her.

We work feverishly.... get her in, break up the dirt real nice to backfill the hole, mulch her up pretty, water...... and pray.

There she is..... It has rained twice now so that should help her settle in.... I am still prying that she makes it :)

Happy gardening!

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