Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pool Garden Phase 1

The Before photo.....

New pool cover, grass around all sides of the pool. Grass looks nice but is only practical in a design magazine :)

First up. Some really great bushes
for privacy. We settled on English
Laurels and I am really happy with
them. They are evergreen, will get
up to 12 feet high and can be pruned
into a nice hedge.

Next, we dug up all the grass in the area to make way for the garden and patios.

Work in Progress!!! The Mister unloads all the stones and I lay them in sand and fit them. It's like a giant really heavy puzzle :) Then we fill the spaces in between with pea gravel.

Even Roxy likes to get in on the action!

Almost there.....


When we moved I brought 4 car/ truck loads of plants from my old house.
My old garden was starting to get crowded and needed dividing  so I gave some away and took the rest. It probably could have used some more but at the end I was so overwhelmed with the move I just didn't have it in me.

So we didn't buy much other than the Laurels. We used one pallet of flat stone, lots of sand and paver sand, and 1/2 a bucket load of pea gravel.

I think my little Tiki guys just make it, don't you?

Phase 2 will be at the back of the pool behind the diving board. I will be putting the rest of my plants under the Sycamore to build a shade garden. Hopefully this will happen this month. those poor plants have been in pots for over a year :(


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