Wednesday, July 31, 2013


One of my favorite things about having a garden is all the toads it attracts to my yard. They are like my little outdoor pets :)  I love toads, can't get enough of them. I pet them all the time. The Mister always yells that I'm bothering them till he saw how they lean into my finger when I rub their cheeks :)

This house didn't have any gardens to speak of so I have been busy making them. They have attracted all kinds if wildlife..... Lots more birds, butterflies, honeybees, the occasional frog in my pool in need of rescue, a wayward turtle and Lots of toads :)

A few weeks ago it was getting dark and I was cleaning up outside and almost *gasp* stepped on a big 'ol granddaddy toad. He was spectacular. Until I found this guy under a half used bag of peat on my driveway......

Good lord! The biggest toad I've ever seen!!!
How amazing is he??

I have named him Big Joe Toad. In honor of Big Joe Henry on 101.5 oldies station that is my yard work soundtrack ;)

For the love of toads,

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