Monday, August 26, 2013

Marvelous Movie Monday... The Big Year

So, the last few weeks have been too busy to keep up with Friday Favorites. So I am going to Mondays :)

I have been watching The Big Year every time I catch it on cable lately. (which is a lot) I love birds and hope to one day become more knowledgeable about species and get more into birding, so this immediately appealed to me.

It is a fun comedy drama where two birding enthusiasts become friends as they try to beat the current world record holder as each are secretly are doing their own 'Big Years'. 

I had never known what a 'big year' is before this movie. (If you don't either, it is a yearly birding competition where birders see how many different species they can fin in one calender year.) It is such a cool concept. I can totally see this happening when I retire :)

And seriously, Jim Parsons as Ichabod Crane..... what more can you ask for?

Watch more movies :)

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