Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another patio :)

One of the projects this summer was putting in a patio where we removed this tree and bushes from. I have realized (from other people's teasing) that I have a bit of a patio problem.... this being number 4. Number one came with the house, numbers two and three were put in last year.

No, I didn't cut them down. I try very hard not to cut down anything. We moved them..... (lots of work) You can read about it here.

After that we were left with this lovely mess that we dug a little here and there for a month or two.
We got free bluestone from  house they were knocking down. We just had to dig it all up as it was an old patio that was covered in 20+ years of leaf debris.

I had decided that I didn't care if I finished the patio this year since I already finished a large rock wall and rock edging this year and was not in the mood for more rocks.

And that was fine of course until we decided to have a picnic so of course we just HAD to get this done by the time of the party...... ;)

So, balls to the wall, we dug....

And dug.... finishing at 11:30 at night...... (see crappy photo above :) Even got the stone down too.

We put in drainage pipes and more stone....

And started building another wall. (out of cottage stone ) If you do a lot of gardening I can not stress enough how great a double wheel wheel barrow is.

Go....... yard-gym!

Aahhh..... getting closer. Now it's time for stone dust. Wall just about done.

Closer...... blue stone layed, half of it level and the beginings of stone dust between the blue stone.

Kozmo, just making sure that were doing a good job......

TA DA!!!!!!

Lots of hard heavy lifting but we did it! Scratch one one more item off the list :)

Next spring I will make a garden along the back of the wall, but for now...... some poolside relaxing for the remainder of the summer. 

I even have some left overs for another patio...... ;)

You can never have too many patios,

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