Saturday, January 18, 2014

European Work Excursion

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Europe for work again this year. We go first to Frankfurt Germany for the Heimtextil Home Textiles trade show. The place is huge!! We spend two days walking the studio section purchasing artwork and one day walking the Trend section and then whatever else we can get to..... bedding section, pillows, wallpaper or fabrics. Fun and exhausting :)

From there it's on to London!!! 

view from Debanham's Department store
We spent three days there. Two days shopping the stores for the new trends aaaaaaannd.... the best part....... one day off!!

the shard
I haven't been much of anywhere but, I must say..... I REALLY like London. Comfortable, clean, beautiful and super friendly people.

Oh, Liberty of London, how I love thee..... I just love walking around this store. I can't really afford much but the store is such so beautiful....

Just look at that chandelier!!!! The woodwork is breathtaking. Just look at this guy... there are animal finials all around the opening.

Friday night in Pickadilly Square

London Bridge in the morning

the outside of the Tower of London
On our day off we went to the Tower of London. Last year I just drove and walked around the city seeing the sights. I didn't go in anywhere so this year I wanted to make sure that I checked some stuff out :)

inside the Tower of London

changing of the guard outside the Crown Jewels

I did get to see the crown jewels but there is no photography allowed inside. Trust me though, they are amazing!! Huge gems on the crowns, scepters, robes and a gigantic gold serving collection.

the square inside the Tower of London

view of London Bridge from inside the Tower of London

suit of armor inside the white tower

How amazing is the workmanship on the horse's armor?!

inside the armory

Big Ben at sunset

Then it was off to Paris!!

Only one and a half days there.... shopping the trends the whole time. No time off :(
statue outside our hotel

Another pick as I ride past the Louvre. Maybe one time I'll get to go in.... LOL.

Mmmmm..... patisserie.

view from inside Printemps

And that's all folks!! 
(how cool is it that our cabbie made us get out and take a photo in his cab!! people like that make up for all the jerks you have to put up with in life)

Happy Travels,

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